Waiver / Rules


All participants must sign a waiver releasing liability (minors must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver on their behalf). Each team must download the liability form (Click here to download form), print it, sign it, and bring it in. If you are unable to print a copy, please call 319-480-9878.


Facility Rules

For the safety of players and staff, facility doors are always locked. Only participants (and family members) with appointments will be admitted.

All participants must abide by the code of conduct posted in the facility. Anyone who refuses to obey these rules will be asked to leave.

Because we are an instructional facility, we cannot allow unaccompanied minors in the building. All minors (youth under the age of 16) must be accompanied by a parent or coach.

Parents and chaperones are welcome in the facility; however, we ask that you remain in designated viewing areas. As a gentle reminder, we ask that parents be seen and not heard.

Participants should bring a clean pair of shoes to change into once in the facility. The locker area provides a place to change from ‘street shoes’ to athletic apparel.

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